Leather Furniture

Console tables are typically built narrowly so they may lean against a wall without taking up much room. Because of this, they are ideal for placement in hallways, landings, as well as living and dining areas. They are incredibly functional furnishings that excel at highlighting artwork and constructing gorgeous accent walls. In the living room, dining room, or bedroom, they make a statement about your design aesthetic and leave guests speechless. Elevating the seats in your living room is a clever use of console tables. Console tables look lovely nudged up against a sofa or sectional's back which will create a sort of extended shelf or ledge between your sofa and the wall.


What is great about console tables is that it gives you even more tools for playing around with color in your living room. It's no surprise that many individuals choose a white or light color palette when constructing living room decor because neutral areas are bright, upbeat, and soothing. Console tables are also nice in the house where they can be used for placing vases or a bouquet of lilies to liven things up and enhance the room décor as well as complement the room's aesthetic. Also, you can add scented candles and picture frames with homey photos that bring back happy memories.


You don't have to match your sofa console table with your house’s other living room furniture. A rustic dark-wood sofa table next to a glass coffee table creates visual contrast and enhanced coziness. It's fun to combine various materials since it offers you more choice over where and how you want to display distinct light and dark tones.


Console and couch tables can add structure and direction to a room in a fashionable and a useful way. There is undoubtedly something in West Elm's wide selection to suit almost every taste.


At West Elm Kuwait, we take the opportunity to give you a wide variety of choices for your house in Kuwait City, Al Zahraa, and all of Kuwait. Because of this, various console tables, chairs, side tables, and TV stands, are available. Do not miss your chance to take a glance at our best console tables by visiting West Elm online!

Leather Furniture

Find your comfort zone in the house with our genuine top-grain leather furniture that will give you the calmness you want, and the luxury look that will never go out of style!

Having your living room styled with leather furniture will give you the advantage of easy cleaning if you have kids around since leather cannot absorb any stains immediately, making it convenient for you to clean! Also, our leather furniture is animal-friendly vegan leather that offers a timeless look and high durability.


Surround your place with the best sumptuous leather sofa sets which will add to your house the traditional yet modern look to give the feel of the old and new! We have amazing brands such as Haven which we believe is true to its name! The Haven furniture is one you will want to spend lots of time in. It has great characteristics that make it special. It’s deep and has comfy seat and low, padded arms which gives it an incredible sink-right-in quality that's perfect for the whole family. In addition to that, you get to choose your beautiful color of yours, all of which are premium top-grain leather.


Also, don’t forget to have a look at our leather chairs and leather couches. Their timeless designs make them one of our bestsellers! Hamilton chairs designs are inspired from the mid-century modern lines to embody the best of 1950s designs. Their classic look catches the eye from every angle.

Our leather chairs and couches help your back pleasantly with firm cushions upholstered in luxury full-grain, full-aniline leather, making it a smart alternative for compact living spaces and family rooms. Each leather furniture piece is recognized for its lovely individual qualities.


West Elm provides you with a great service called “Build Your Own” where you get the chance to create or build your sofa with the style and color you want! You can change the arm of the sofa or the fabric which all come with the same high-quality material. Adding a sofa that is created by yourself will give a special and unique touch to your house.

What are you waiting for? Explore the amazing variety we have for you to furnish your house with the most elegant leather sofas and couches as well as other living room furniture items including side tables, coffee tables, console tables, ottomans, bookcases, tv stands, and more only on our website Westelm Kuwait.